He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

“How rare it is in the human kingdom
that beings are aware of that silence,
that space that is unmoving, that does not age,
it does not grow, it doesn’t expand or contract,
and yet everything that moves, that appears or disappears,
take their birth from Here.

Your calling is to discover this consciously, powerfully.
Only then will you be able to face the storms
that come from the body-mind identity,
and the psychological noise that comes from personhood.
You will see through all of these things.
They will not overwhelm you anymore.
I want to remind you that it is possible to be free of such states.

It is not difficult to awaken to the True.
What seems difficult is to overcome the reflex
to go back into the old regime of identity
—that will happen for a time.
The tendency to want to protect our projections and attachments will in fact create this feeling of separation and will slow you down.

But don’t despair!
All of this is going somewhere very beautiful.
And where is that? To You. Right Here.
Sitting inside the heart of your own Being.
The drive, the natural evolution of conscious beings,
is to return to the Source.
Not out-out-out, but in-in-in…
there is no other place for you to be proven than Here.”

~ Mooji


Where is the secret place of the most high?

It is always Here and Now, without distance nor effort.

The person, our identity as a separate-self, cannot dwell here; only as Awareness can we be in this placeless place.

Any effort is a movement away from our Self.

November 8, 2017