In my attempt to learn how to use words for that which is not a "thing" I created

thoughts and beliefs can be a help or a hindrance...
they can be a wall or an open door.

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Added 04-14-2020:

07:45:17 From Rula to Holger Hubbs (Privately) : The blog itself is lovely, and I don’t see anything egoic about sharing that which you love. If there is anything ego about it, you would know that based on your own inner response to having a blog…do you feel pride when you are praised, or hurt when you are criticized? Only you can know, if the intention is to bolster “Holger’s” image or if one is sharing simply for the Love of sharing, without any ideas of getting something in return.

But I find that a KEY component of this search for Truth is genuine honesty with ones self. This can be very difficult as the ego will often justify and lie to itself. It takes a kind of brutal honesty, in my opinion - or in other words, a genuine desire stripped of any ulterior motives - to Know the Truth.