Dear friend,

Life is precious!
We won't be here forever...

For me this whole COVID phenomena was a big wakeup call!
Sometimes we need to be cornered to see what IS, and who we are.

Spiritual awakening is the most simple and natural, but until we are sincerely sick and tired of our suffering we will always overlook what is effortless and most obvious: I am aware.

I can deeply see and feel how I was cut-off and lost in the thinking head.

I can experience that it is such an unbelievable blessing to talk with fellow human beings who share a natural longing for peace in daily living.

The peace I experience, independent of circumstances – here and now, was always present during my last 50+ years, but I wasn't clear about it. My own longing and misunderstanding of shame, guilt, blame and pride distracts me from simply being myself, peace itself: effortless Awareness.

Since decades I was passively consuming spiritual teachings, but only since the end of March 2020 I started to become more alive. Uncounted puzzle pieces started falling into place when I started having daily Satsangs on Zoom.

We can read and listen until doomsday, but without authentic human contact we remain locked up in our own thinking head! Ego is a self-entertained defense mechanism who is afraid of love and trust.

Having a growing environment in which we can risk to see and understand our own inner uncomfortableness is priceless. ... that's my direct experience.

I vividly recall how afraid I was my whole life to be psychologically naked, to be seen, to admit to myself confusion and suffering; to hear and feel myself beyond thinking; to admit and experience that I don't know... that I have nothing substantial to hold onto besides assumptions, believes and hope.

Blame, shame, guilt, pride, expectation, attachment to outcome, fear, worry, anxiety... all of this I entertain(ed) myself, in my own head, for decades!

We all suffer the same, we are all challenged with allowing the loving and wise use of mind and speech.

I am not here to sell you anything, I just know the gift of human connection when it goes deeper than small-talk, without trying to impress even our own self-image.

We have the technology – Internet and Zoom (video)! Let's use it wisely and bravely to invite new experiences and insights beyond our old ingrained faulty thinking and feeling. Our opportunity is here and now, despite fear and doubt.

The simpler the better. No prerequisites... besides a sincere hunger for peace in our own thinking and feeling:


PS: It may sound selfish, but without peace and clarity in our own thinking and feeling we have no stable and reliable ground from which to operate, nurture and inspire.