"Peace of mind is the birthright of every human being, and it is available here and now, independent of circumstances."

Suffering is your golden net to expose the ghost of identity.

What's wrong with identity?
The psychological "me" – the separate-self that lives only in our unaware thinking and memory – is seemingly disconnected from the benevolent Presence of Life; a rather contracted state, in need of effort, defense and approval.

Our simple, natural sense "I am, I exist" is peace and happiness itself, independent of circumstances! Preferences are seen and preferred, but without a sufferer.

The first identity was painfully learned by default, the second one comes either by accident or through interest and study. In my experience effortless meditation is very important to let the hardened heart soak in love, to allow some inner space, to viscerally experience that Life is not limited to our "making sense" in the bubble of thinking.

The bible calls the default identity "born from below" / "natural man" and calls the second identity "born from above" / "child of God".

Please don't sue me in case I seem to mix-up everything, but let me know!  


PS: I told a friend about SchoolOfSuffering.com and her immediate reply was "Christianity?"... Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Muhammad... My interest is not in religion but in practical spirituality.

Truth is universal: One Life, one Love, one God, viewed and complicated through different cultural and personal conditionings. Why is there so much resistance in exposing one's own blindspots and ignorance?