Dear Carl,

Please forgive my selfish and immature words; they are not print-ready, but they come with the best intentions: to be done with our suffering, to kNow the Truth.

I am not a sales-person for Bibles or an entertainer!
I just suffered so much, for too many decades; and now I can see how it was all based on faulty thin-king!  
It just feels natural to me to share.
Maybe even this is just another layer of selfishness?

Sorry for so many words!

All words are concepts; loving concessions to our ignorance, concessions to our moment in time. The Truth IS beyond words... the still small voice, the thunder of silence.

In ’this world’ — the world we perceive, filtered through our own thinking mind — we are mostly alone, being cut off from our deeper Presence of Being.

Most people who say they love Jesus might spend more energy in defending their childish thinking, than to make an effort in understanding the metaphors of the Bible and our culture.

No fault on their own; but we can make a difference here and now through our own honesty, bravery and vigilance.

Carl, I stand before you naked, please show me my ignorance and arrogance. Inter-human relationships are so precious in helping us to wake up, to safely have our buttons pushed, to discover the mechanism of our own suffering.

I recently could so clearly see that ego is simply the functioning of defending the old, the familiar; even if the familiar delivers misery, it is still preferred over seemingly 'nothing' or 'unknown' (Adam hiding from God).

What we believe ourselves to be is a thought construct on whose behalf we suffer and misinterpret the harmonius-balanced interchange of Life.

That’s why thinking is often so incessant because ‘we’ subconsciously fear to die when thoughts would naturally come to an end.

Some fun-da-mental thinking and inquiry is essential: "just be still and know I AM"... what does it mean, what hinders me in following the simple pointers? What is I am? Who am I, who seems to suffer?

Being born 'from above’ is not some fancy firework and a high-five with God, it is simply the profound experience of dropping into the space beyond thinking.

This is what Jesus means with going to the Father — Consciousness.
It is erroneously linked to our physical death.

We need to see and feel the beauty and power in demystifying the metaphors we use in Christianity and in our seemingly dysfunctional world culture.

The kingdom — our natural state — is always available here and now!
But we can enter only with the attitude and trust of a little child: eager to ask authentic questions.

With great love and humility,


The only enemy of Israel (you and me seeking the Truth) [...] is a believe in a false God.

It is misidentified mental activity itself which veils our experiencing the Presence of reality.

We are so full with suffering in the form of guilt, blame, pride, worry, anxiety, expectations and attachments to outcomes that we overlook the most obvious; Love.

God’s creation is perfect, we just can’t see it when we are deceived by our own cleverness or ignorance.

Time is a product of our thinking mind.
May I invite you to read the Bible without any projections into past or future; but eager to demystify the metaphors and understanding that the whole story is written only for you! To discover your own eternal nature, here and now, independent of circumstances and conditions.

It might feel like dying to say bye bye to the fictitious mental pictures you entertain about life and ourselves, but only what is false can and has to die!

Understanding and Being in touch with our true nature is the highest human discovery.

This is the kingdom — your natural state.
This discovery is available here and now, for everyone.

We are so full of faulty thinking and are too proud, guilty or ashamed to admit it; and mostly we have no-one to turn to!

Following Jesus – or however you label your journey from head to heart and back –  requires humility and our willingness to leave 'this world’ behind; the world of our egoic thinking, the world rendered through our faulty thinking.

You won’t lose anything but gain Life!
All those are metaphors!

Know the Truth — that which never changes in you (Consciousness) — and the Truth will set you free.

Don’t judge by appearances (that which your faulty thinking tries to sell you as reality)…

Thank you Carl, for reading so far.
Are you in or out?

There is an inner fight going on, a battle for life.
Choose your side: are you a hypocrite, or do you follow Jesus?

Not a Jesus supposed to be without, but Jesus as a personification of your own Pristine Awareness on its journey from suffering to the recognition of a peace that is always available, here and now – beyond understanding, the highest fulfillment.

I know your beautiful heart, brother!
Please don't misunderstand my words, don't let there be a wall between us!


Please don’t waste my words, but please read them again — as if it were about life and death — and be razor-sharp in observing your own inner position, identity, thinking and feeling!

How can Jesus say “I am with you always”? — Just ponder: Awareness is with you always!

What does it mean to
“have that mind which was also in Christ Jesus” (Phil 2:5)?
To me this was one major key in seeing my own trap and attachment.

The whole thing is so deliciously wonderful, but nobody seems to care.

Truth is universal, impersonal, the fullness of Love.
Is it a paradox: “individualized Consciousness”?


Studying only words will keep us entangled in fragmented thinking, but following the words, where they point to, outside of mental labelling, is liberating.

Our ignorance has to die in order to create some inner space for fresh and alive insights. It is precious to know you; please give me a sign that you are not intimidated by words.


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