To invest one’s identity and security in something that appears, moves, changes and disappears is the cause of unhappiness.

How do you process such a quote?
How do you absorb the Spiritual Vitamins it contains?

What remains when you take away everything that comes or goes?

You are still here as the thought/feeling/Presence "I am".
This is the core of yOur Being; unchanging, pristine.

This is what the character Jesus is pointing to with:

"I am the light of the world".

Not a light supposed to be without, but at the core of your Being.
We don't know it first-hand, experientially, because our identity, as the person we think we are, veils it.

We are looking at life through the lens of our thinking mind, but we are unaware of the limitations and the nature of our own thinking mind.

The funny/sad/ridiculous part is that we rather defend the familiar then to investigate into what IS here and now.

With Love,