Are we really interested in freedom?

Amazing how shallow our own relationships become when all we have is a future-hope. We overlook the aliveness and richness of the present moment in favor of defending what our brain believes to know.

Are we honest enough to admit that we have fear?

Fear of Love, fear of a Guru/teacher, fear of not wanting to be intimate, fear of questioning and examining our own thinking; fear of discovering that I might have nothing to hold onto...

So many ways how we create our own suffering, without seeing the mechanism.

Curiosity is beautiful, we deserve to have a rich and fulfilled life.

With Love,

PS: In regard to the photo with the girl and the camera...

Spitituality is a tool to experience Life directly; to allow our unaware fear, our false identity to drop; ...this deep rooted, subtle uncomfortabless with ourselves,  which makes us look through the filter of our limited thinking mind, instead to embrace what we cannot understand.

..."having certain beliefs, which is thoughts;
those beliefs can be a help or a hindrance...
they can be a wall or an open door."
Eckhart Tolle

"Curiosity will conquer fear
even more than bravery will"
–James Steph