Thank you for this opportunity to share with you (-;

Dear fellow Meditators,
My words are incomplete, they are not intended to be absolute; I don't want you to believe anything I say.

I just humbly invite you to discover something wonderful our "person" cannot see or is even afraid of.


yOur discovery is very subtle -- almost like a feelingless-feeling, an effortless effort. Words fail while You are fully present.

To our thinking mind it feels insignificant, like a mustard seed.
So what? Nothing "happening".

But our simple unpretentious awareness of Awareness itself affects the quality of our life on all levels.


Being polite and gentle with each other is a good thing, but it shouldn't become a wall, a tip-toeing, a pretending.

I was born during the hippy time in Germany and experienced some attempts of expressing total openness, which by itself doesn't work either.

Some mental understanding is helpful in removing obstacles.


Why do we mediate...

Just to feel good, to joy-ride, to get some temporary relief from our fears, pains or boredom?

Or do we meditate because we have a deep inner conviction that Life is much more caring, fulfilling than we can think or imagine?


Beauty and love are our true nature; they come to the surface naturally and effortlessly when our person -- the one we believe ourselves to be -- loses its density.

Beauty and love are always here, but we get distracted/veiled by our own person -- our own thinking mind activity.

We cannot see the obvious, because we are too preoccupied with our should, would and could; we maybe have the best intentions in trying to please an assumed outer, but we miss the mark, since many years.

Instead to experience Life as it IS, we live in a bubble our thinking mind creates.


This is not an accident, not an error; it is more like an incubator for us to grow and mature "spiritually" (or however you call it).


Thinking is powerful and wonderful, but we need to discern two aspects:

The WORKING MIND is needed to function in this world, to operate your computer, to brush your teeth; to care for this amazing biological machine we call our body.

This part of thinking can be lovingly and artfully dismissed; it is the result of an error/stage in our development where we totally identify as "I am my body".

This form of (natural) thinking creates a false sense of self in us.
It makes us believe that we are an autonomous entity, on our own.


Sorry, for so many words!

Again, please don't go the easy route and just believe me anything, but learn to explore/reflect/discover for yourself, without getting intimidated even by your own thoughts and feelings.

There is a part in us that fights for its life by defending the old habitual ways.
A paradox?

Instead to drown in "this world" (your own mental projections), gently, lovingly ask yourself: Who is aware of this?

When you feel fear or joy, be interested not  too much in the fleeting object, but in the subject (you).

Who is aware of this?
This is not a second-hand thinking, but a first-hand experience.


We mediate to discern -- to create some inner space -- between our Self and our mind.

Breathing and easing our thinking can create some natural and precious inner space.


We need inner space for inspiration, guidance and supply to touch us.

Our natural state is an empty, vigilant mind; relaxed without being lazy. Our current world culture tells us otherwise.


Yesterday I had $12 left over -- if I were to pay off my credit cards, this includes savings. How embarrasing or irresponsible?

Today I have $7 left, but I am still more than OK. I have!
Not in the material realm -- effect --, but in knowing the cause.


Thank you for your Presence,
for Being Aware,
your Love,
your care, your interest in your Self.

With Love,
Holger @

PS: Please don't abuse my words for entertainment! Outgrowing our (unknowingly) self-inflicted limitations is neither dead-serious nor an occasional hobby, but it requires vigilance and a hunger for Truth. What can be more important?

Who wants to get lost in empty believes or assumptions?

Mediation is a tool that has the potential to guide us to the most important discovery in this human kingdom. How is the saying: you can bring a mule to the water, but you cannot make it drink.

Life as art, even just a "normal" day?
Thank you! Be well.