Hooray... another website.

I seem to have too much time and peace since I stopped drinking coffee and watching TV.

Together with peace and time came also the discernment between pleasure and happiness; an insight into the madness of our materialistic world culture that keeps us always hungry and busy with unimportant things.

One important puzzle piece was also a breakthrough in my meditating; when I finally learned how to effortlessly sit without expectation and attachment!

Kind of funny that I was raised as an atheist, but now can appreciate so much the Bible. Not religion, but the message and example of the character Jesus. Not as a moral code, but as a timeless insight into human nature; super practical, when combined with meditation and radical openness towards my own psychological past.

On the surface it looks like an old book with many grim and confusing stories, but I once was gifted with the hint of reading it in a different way:

To read it as if it was written only for me, and to understand that below the surface stories it is all about humanity's timeless psychological drama. What appears as people, places and circumstances are all eternal states of Consciousness we can fall into or leave behind.

Yada yada?
Not as an excuse, but I just write, without an outline or particular aim or target group in mind. Learning by doing, fear or arrogance?

Back to Christianity... it is really ridiculous to discover how locked up and defensive we all are (I include myself), so ridiculous to experience friends and family who call themselves Christians, but have very little capacity to think outside the box of their own ideas, hopes and believes. Mr. Jesus is quite radical when you really listen to him and read between the lines.

What the Bible talks about, maybe 2,000 years ago is not history but our own state of affairs... wrapped into stories of an old language, with Middle Eastern metaphors we can decipher here and now, if we dare to have a hunger for truth.

It is an alone journey, but not lonely! We all suffer the same thing, the same confusion about our true nature veiled by a false sense of self, because thinking hijacked experience and intuition.

Instead to embrace the opportunity of getting clear about our own delusions we defend the cause of our suffering. Understanding our own suffering and dropping it is not rocket-science; but the trick is that we need to ask, we need to be hungry enough to be done with our psychological blame, shame, guilt, pride, expectations and attachments to outcome.

It really is a good news... for everyone, at all times; but very few seem to consider or be interested in their own freedom:


The idea of the name came this morning; everything is rather fresh and open. Maybe I just have to grow up...

Thank you!

PS: I just re-read what I wrote four days ago on Thursday morning, May 21st, 2020. It still resonates in me.

What is the main point?
It doesn't matter if people or texts are right or wrong; what matters it that we are interested in our Self, that we learn how to think, how to use words, become interested in seeing the simple mechanism of our own suffering! And to spend effortless time in meditation;  without meditation we might never discover how our conditioned thinking and feeling runs on autopilot.