Beyond doubt, the Bible is the inspired Word of God/Source...

And if we read and study diligently we discover how our own attitude can shift, to let the Word become alive in us; to give us strength and courage to embrace our Peace in daily living, independent of circumstances.

Our own faulty thinking is the sin that veils our eyes from witnessing and partaking in God's perfect creation, Love, Benevolence, Generosity and Forgiveness (towards our own ignorance).

"Love your neighbor as yourself?"

We are given clear instructions, but refuse to do some basic inner work.

We need to be willing to let go (seemingly die) to our old childhood understandings; we need to lovingly examine if the metaphors we read and rely upon are really deeply understood and applied.

"Go and sin no more" is Jesus' encouragement and high five to you, to me, to everyone, to leave behind our adulterated thinking and feeling on behalf of the one we believe ourselves to be.

What is this uncomfortableness inside that feels more dear to us than exposing and correcting our own faulty thinking in the name of Love...

Where to start? Just a random pick...

“By repentance and rest you would be saved; your strength would lie in quiet confidence— but you were not willing.” “No,” you say, “we will flee on horses.” Therefore you will flee! “We will ride swift horses,” but your pursuers will be faster.
Isaiah 30:15

Instead to arrogantly rush over it, please embrace humility in applying this precious gift of scripture to your own unique here and now! What do those metaphors mean? Who am I in all of this?

The benchmark is not in making sense with our old faulty thinking, but to let the Word of God become alive in your core. Gentle and brave...

With Love,