I was raised atheist in Germany, but always felt a certain attraction to the Bible: what is it all about, why are the stories so confusing to me?

I discovered that we can believe and hope whatever we want, but it is quite a challenge to be in life with what IS; to become aware that 'this world' is my own unique rendering, when I look at life through the filter of my own conditioned thinking mind.

My daughter is 8 and I'd love to have something to share with her that can maybe save her some of the many years I spent dealing with frustration and confusions in regard to my own nature and relationship with Life/Love/God.

What I have right now are just some pieces of scrap: DemystifyingGod.com and RecreationalChristianity.com (and there is more floating on the web,) but all feels more or less like outdated stepping-stones.

Maybe it is unavoidable in a creative process to find no place to rest; new ideas are floating in my system, with the wish to share in a most simple and clear way that the Bible can be an extremely potent tool for the one who has a hunger for peace of mind in daily living.

We get so easily lost in assumptions in our own thinking and feeling; very late in life did I understand the beauty and freedom of inquiring into my own thinking and feeling in a fun-da-mental way.

Maybe there are no shortcuts in life, but I still feel a deep stirring to find words and ways to share in a contemporary, fresh and inspiring way; to share that our suffering is self-entertained in ways we don't allow ourselves to see; to share that the word 'God' is a pointer to the most natural, fulfilling and effortless Presence at the core of our Being; to share that sin is simply our own faulty thinking from the past; to share that suffering is in no way required to find peace, depth and happiness in our daily life, here and now.

Very simple, like baby-food; it is so easy to scare people away or introduce distractions that can easliy lead us astray.

Without expectations, without attachment, with all the time in the world, but no minute to waste (-;

Thank you,