Dear Annee,
Thank you for this opportunity to share two gems with you:

Rupert Spira, a wonderful and elegant artist with Words and sensitivity:

Dr. Bill recommended him last year at CSA.

Roger Castillo, with a very practical teaching, for people who enjoy analytical thinking:

  • He asks: what do we really want?
  • His suggested answer: Happiness in daily living, independent of circumstances.
  • In the last analysis we all seek Happiness, no matter what path, aim or background.
  • Happiness is simply the absence of suffering (Buddha’s teaching).
  • Our suffering is attitudinal, and can drop away when we understand the mechanism how we create it.
  • Happiness is not to be found in the flow of life.
  • The flow of life is either pleasure or pain.
  • Pain is circumstantial, maybe unfortunate, but it is not really the problem.

Roger currently shares daily Live Satsangs on Zoom from 6:00 AM ~ 7:30 AM.

Dear Annee,
All of this without attachment in regard to your resonance.

I listened to both, on Youtube, for years, uncounted times; it is really quality content. I acknowledge that we are all seemingly unique in our human expression and specific needs.
With Love,

PS: Not to overload you — our seeking can become an obstacle in itself — but allow me to share a simple, beautiful, and profound meditation from my beloved Mooji.

All three — Rupert, Roger and Mooji — pointing to the One Presence in which we all live, move and have our Being: I AM.

Amazing how our own (misunderstood) mental activity/identity can veil what we long for, are seeking, and which is always here and now: Love and abundance.

Three Dolpins @ Monterey Bay: