But to understand our 'thinking mind',
to see its root in an erroneous identity as
"I am this..."

Whatever it may be:
Body, family, career, talent, thing, mood, feeling, thought, projection, conclusion, hope, believe, memory...

All of those are in the realm of the changeful, the flow of life, interrelated pairs of opposites of pleasure and pain.

Yes, to fully embrace, enjoy and share our gifts and burdens, but...
to use them wisely to see and feel beyond the surface of appearances.

"Don't judge by appearances, but judge righteous judgment."
We tend to overlook our core, the one who is Awareness itself.

Why do we hunt for pleasure and avoid pain?
What are we defending, besides poor and faulty thinking?

There is clarity and light in knowing the mechanism of guilt, blame, shame, expectations, worry, anxiety, attachment to outcome... all of this can drop away in an instant, in a twinkle of an eye, when we discover that they only revolve around a fictitious "me" that our thinking entertains and defends in 'this world'.

Who am I, who IS here and now, when all my expectations, toys and attachments are taken away?

I AM fully here, I am always here and now!

Maybe our suffering, our false identity and consequential incessant thinking is just an incubator, until we have enough spiritual muscle to embrace the simplicity and effortlessness of simply Being, of seemingly being no-thing in a dysfunctional world; and to wholeheartedly trust in Life, being benevolent and forgiving.

Even if our buttons still get pushed, even if we feel anger or tiredness, seeming lack and limitations... but 'there' -- here and now -- IS always a Peace that thinking cannot understand, and in its ignorance even fights and denies.

It is very subtle!
What are you willing to let go of in exchange for Peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances?

Hallelujah (-; Praise the sOURce.
Holger @ https://do-be.me

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We are so easily intimidated by thoughts, feelings and our own faulty thinking; life doesn't need to make sense to be beautiful.