Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain was the madness of our old World Culture. Like being in a hamster wheel: busy being busy, never-endingly.
What a gift and release to take a closer look.

Don't get me wrong, pleasure is preferrable, but it is only temporary or requires effort to keep it up.

What do you really want?

This question is fun-da-mental, because we want to evolve from being a person that lives only by habit and hear-say to Being yOur Self, in synchronicity with Life, Intelligence, Beauty, Love/God...

It is not easy to see where we create our own suffering, because our old habit/person is all we know, and we tend to be intimidated even by our own thoughts and feelings.

What to do?
Continue to gravitate towards comfort, but take the seemig pain of relentless openness/honesty: what do I really want?

This is not a selfish question!

"Whatever comes, goes" is a deep insight.
Our sense of 'I am, I exist' is always, unchanging.

But our old mind doesn't care too much about it, because 'I am' feels rather bland, boring or even scary.

In scripture it is called Truth -- that which never changes.

Don't come to a false conclusion, we easily get entangled in our surface mind...

Mind and speech are our greatest gifts; we need to learn how to use them wisely. Don't be satisifed what other poeple -- even your own mind -- tells you.

"Embrace with your heart what your mind cannot understand".

With Love,

PS: There is an (unconscious) part in us that resists postitive change.

It all starts with "I am"...
but then we get habitually lost in a seeming separation of 'me' and 'other'.
Mr. Jesus is asking: Who do you say I am? referring to the core of yOur Being.

Life is not what we think it is, and it is much more beautiful and generous than we can ever imagine. Our thinking and imagining is limited to the capacity of our conditioned mind.

Meditation is a tool to bypass the limitations of our own thinking.
Not to avoid thinking, but to naturally recalibrate it towards peace and insight.