It is such a unbelievable discovery to see and understand that l create(d) my own suffering all those decades of being depressed and frustrated, busy seeking, and practicing whatnot; instead to rest at the Heart of Being and let Life guide me.

What an amazing collective deception, that I believed to find fulfillment in pleasures! No one to blame, not even "me". Just the gift of waking up!

Meditation/contemplation is such a powerful tool to create the necessary inner space, to become aware, curious and investigative in regard to our heart's desire:

"Unbroken peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances".

Not as another entertainment, believe, hope, expectation or pain-killer, but as a most practical benchmark to see where I get lost in my own thinking and feeling.

Anyway (-; It's amazing that I can write/read those words in a rather contemplative inner atmosphere, right now; with a busy mind it might sound like gibberish.

Thank you for the opportunity to share, to hear and feel myself talk,
Holger @