This website is an invitation to take a fresh look.
It is not about accumulating more knowledge, or entertaining the mind;
but to slow down and to maybe acknowledge something very simple that is easily overlooked…


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… For he that medleth with men’s Religion in any part, medleth with their custom, nay, with their freehold; and though they find no content in that which they have, yet they cannot abide to hear of altering.

Preface, King James Version, Anno 1611




All metaphysical discussion is profitless unless it causes us to seek within the Self for the true reality. All controversies about creation, the nature of the universe, evolution, the purpose of God, etc., are useless. They are not conducive to our true happiness. People try to find out about things which are outside of them before they try to find out ‘Who am I?’ Only by the latter means can happiness be gained.

Ramana Maharshi


“Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex.”