And the man and his wife were both naked,
and they were not ashamed.
Genesis 2:25

“I heard Your voice in the garden,” he replied,
“and I was afraid because I was naked;
so I hid myself.”
Genesis 3:10

Isn't this amazing!

How do you process this, seriously, scientifically?

It is not a matter of believing – we can believe whatever we choose, whatever may comfort us; but the instruction is clearly:

"know the truth and the truth will set you free."
John 8:32

A talking snake?

Who was there in the garden, who wrote the story?
Inspired imagination.

Metaphors are powerful when we take the time and bravery to explore and apply them to our here and now. The point of the Bible is not if it happened or not, but to be practical, here and now; to discover something in ourself that lifts the veil of darkness, removes the confusions we entertain.

There is a deep uncomfortableness in everyone, not only by the fact that our physical bodies are ephemeral.

Adam & Eve, You:

[A] Both were naked and not ashamed versus [B] I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid myself.

[A] denotes our birthright of harmony within ourself, without psychological suffering: no shame, no blame, no guilt, no worry, no anxiety, no expectations, no attachment to outcome, no false sense of doership.

Then comes the talking snake onto the stage... and introduces a sense of separation from the core of our Being (God).

Missing The Mark

Instead of resting and nurturing our mind in the peace that is beyond understanding – being guided by love and heartfelt intuition –, we miss the mark and struggle with an assumed outer world.

Sin – not as a moral whatever – is simply faulty thinking and feeling on behalf of a separate-self, 'me'...
... and we were painfully educated into this perspective, since decades.

The funny or mad thing – and most of humanity suffers this little oversight – is that our sense of separation from God/Love/Life/Core is based on an error that we entertain ourselves and that can be corrected in a twinkle of an eye, here and now. Our own thinking is the clever snake that encourages the division.

Namespace of the Bible

The Bible symbology and language can feel very heavy and sticky, but with a little exploration we can see that the heaviness and stickiness is on our own side, in our own misunderstood sense of Self.

Yada Yada

Don't just reject my words as foolishness; that's too simple. But prove me wrong. Interhuman-relationships, friendships, are a precious gift to explore our own thinking and feeling. Being lovingly challenged is a wakeup call only a rare one seems to appreciate.

How can you come out from the slavery of faulty thinking when you hide behind the bushes of your own assumptions, like Adam did?
Hiding behind the facade of our own person; preferring thinking over experience.

Radical Openness

What do I really want?
Do I want to be a little bit more free, enjoying a little temporary relief?
Fulfilling my own expectations?

Do I want to become a better person, or can I allow to wholeheartedly explore what is behind the mask of personhood? [persona = mask]

I spent enough time in 'this world' to happily admit that neither pleasure nor pain can touch the core of my Being. What is left besides peace of mind?

The second Adam [B] lost touch with the living presence of God/Love/Life/Core; he only sees and experiences life through the filter of his own conditioned thinking mind.

How about yourself... What do you really want?

Knowing God

A big trap is the believe that the knowledge of God is dependent on the passing away of existence.

And then also the huge mountain of projections and fantasies in regard to where the word 'God' actually points to; fueled by false education and our own misunderstood pains and sufferings.

God is the presence of Love and Beauty at the core of your being; God is not some moody parent who might punish you for something you didn't do. God, Being, Life... the creator of this marvelous Universe, which we currently only perceive from the limited perspective of 'me, myself and I', hiding behind the bushes of 'making sense'.

Too many words?

I stopped watching TV, reduced my intake of gossip; overall mind is much quieter, there is more inner space to think and to feel, to discover...

It is obvious that our minds are conditioned by our past; but we are not stuck in our thinking and feeling, if we dare to be like a little child and let the dead grownup die in us.

Are we just passively waiting for things to change, for Christ (wisdom and power of God) to come?

Truth Is Simple, The Seeker Is Complex

The interesting thing is that we are the only one who blocks our liberation; the Bible is clear, if you are up for the challenge to examine and test yourself [Corinthians 13:5].

Our liberation not in the right and the wrong of 'this world', but in detoxing from the apple, the fruit of the tree of good and evil, in our own thinking and feeling.

So interesting that by waiting for 'Christ to come' we deny Christ to be already here; very subtle, but another trap of believing and hoping, before we are strong enough to face and demystify our own suffering in the form of shame, guilt, blame, worry, anxiety, expectation and attachment to outcome.

Believing and hoping are our needed stepping stones, but then we take the plunge and embrace the unknown. We are so easily intimidated by our own thoughts and feelings, without ever questioning and exploring their basis.

Sunday morning, almost 9:00 AM...
the sun is shining... time for a quiet walk...
time to air out the head (-;